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Secure Protection

Secure Connect uses only the best technology to protect your data. Built using SSL and its advanced encryption methods, Secure Connect scrambles your data so that no one can steal your data or limit your Internet activity.
Prevents hackers, ISPs and other observers from seeing your activity
Shields you from identity thieves and mischievous attackers trying to steal your personal and credit card information.
Protects you with the same level of encryption that is used by modern banks and the military.

SSL Protocol

Secure Connect uses an Internet protocol called SSL. Once Secure Connect is running, an SSL tunnel is opened up, shielding the information that is being communicated over the internet. SSL uses encryption to scramble the data being sent and authentication to assure that your device is communicating with the correct server or web host, not a hacker pretending to be your destination.
See how hackers are getting your data

Controlled Servers

All of Secure Connect’s servers are under our supervision. This way, no one is able to extract, view, or jeopardize information that is meant to be secure. Also, we inform our users on any development of our servers if it could potentially affect their anonymity or use of our systems. 

Don’t leave yourself unprotected.

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