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Why use a VPN?

See how VPNs work, then learn about the security and privacy benefits you gain while by using them.

A VPN is a way to connect to the internet that protects you and your information

How does a VPN work?

1. A VPN takes the information between you and your destination and makes it unreadable to observers
2. Our servers act as a messenger, taking your unreadable information and converting it so it can be read at its destination
3. If you are receiving data, the process is reversed.
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By using a VPN, you become more secure, more private, as well as gaining some abilities you never had before.

Online Security

Secure Connect assures that the device you are talking to isn’t a fraud spying on your conversation.
Secure Connect shields your information from being stolen on public wireless networks and wireless hotspots.
Secure Connect uses encryption and authentication to prevent unauthorized access when you pay online.

Online Privacy

The server acts as a messenger and it appears as if the server is the one surfing the web, not you.
Secure Connect creates an encrypted tunnel to mask your IP address and hide your internet activity from prying eyes.
When you are somewhere that typically restricts certain sites,  you can access any website, whether or not they use firewalls to restrict your internet access.

Don’t leave yourself unprotected.

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